Client Testimonials & Words of Praise

Over the years Bobbie Carll has been recognized by her clients as being tireless, diligent, friendly and professional. Below are just a few notes and letters of praise. When possible, the original handwritten or typed note or letter has been included for viewing.

...You truly raise the bar on the level of excellence among real estate agencies! ...

Dearest Bobbie & Staff, How can Mike and I ever thank you enough for helping make our dreams come true?! You truly raise the bar on the level of excellence among real estate agencies! Not only have we gained the most beautiful home in the four corners, but also precious friends in you and staff! Kelly and Aaron have been so wonderful to help us with all our questions. Their futures are so bright. Dinner at Virginia's was wonderful and you made us feel right at home, comfortable. If ever there is anything we can do for you, never hesitate to call. Also please remember our home is always open to you! God Bless you,

- Mike & Suzy

... We would recommend her to any of our friends...

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Bobbie to sell our house.  She was enthusiastic and optimistic from the start!  We appreciated her suggestions to get the house ready to sell, as well as the great quality house photos, and advertising presentations on various platforms.  It worked!  Bobbie's attention to detail made the closing flow well.  Her vast experience and professionalism shined throughout the entire experience.

- Ed and Susan

You have no idea how much you helped us in our successful search for property in the Durango area.  In the course of our professional careers we have relocated over 20 times, both domestically and internationally - this purchase was one of the more challenging and your guidance, council, and professional advice was the key to a successful purchase.

- John and Beth

... the #1 real estate agent in Durango ...

I consider Bobbie to be the #1 real estate agent in Durango. This decision is based on the direct dealings I have had with her, plus the feedback from the many referrals I have given to her. She gives the real estate business 'REAL CLASS'.                           

- Bob

Bobbie- Many thanks for your hard work, generous time and exceptional skills in getting us through the process. You're the best!

- Suzy & Scott

I would strongly recommend Bobbie Carll, who we used.  She has been in the Durango market for 25 years and knows it inside out.  She is also very quick to follow up on any request and is delightful to work with.

-Doug & Cindy 

We are very pleased with the Durango home we recently bought and with Bobbie's services as our realtor. She was hard working, honest and highly reliable. Bobbie really knows the Durango area and the market well, and her patient professionalism led us to just the right house. We recommend her to any buyer or seller in the area.

  - Mike and Alicia